London – Day Two

The second day of our London adventure began early, we ate breakfast in the hotel, then made our way back to the bus-stop. We had decided that today we would visit the Tower Of London. This is the medieval fortress that used to house the Royals of long ago. Think Henry VIII, you know the guy that killed, or imprisoned, his wives if they could not give him a son? The Tower Of London is also where the Crown Jewels are kept, for use during Royal Coronations. (Yes, like Elsa’s!)

The first thing we did when we arrived at the Tower, was to take at look at the Ravens. These birds have ‘guarded’ the Tower for hundreds of years, but, due to very limited numbers of wild ravens, they are now specially bred for the Tower. They are very impressive-looking birds. Much larger than I imagined ravens to be, I always thought they were smaller than crows, but they’re not. They are quite large, with a wing-span of up to 1.5 metres!

We were also entertained by a medieval display of sword fighting, and then some performers put on a Nativity play for the visitors. It was quite funny!

After the play, we went to line up to get into the Jewel Tower. The Crown Jewels are very impressive. Lots of gold and precious stones, the kids liked the ceremonial swords and staffs.

After we had seen all we wanted to see at the Tower, we made use of our free Thames River cruise, and jumped on a boat to travel up-river. It was a different perspective to see all the buildings from the river, and nice to sit down for a little while!

When the cruise ended, we found a bus stop and headed to Harrod’s. It is such a huge store, and we had some fun looking at the displays in the Toy department, and perusing the books! After we had had enough of the crowded store, we made our way back to our hotel, had some dinner on the way back, and spent the evening relaxing. What a huge day! (On a side-note, it was pitch-black in London by 5:00pm, we thought it must have been around 7:00pm, but it wasn’t!)


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