Sunday in the Marais

So, as the French do not have Boxing Day, we spent the 26th chilling out and relaxing.

The 27th was a Sunday, and we needed some air! So, we decided to go for a walk throught the beautiful Marais. The word ‘Marais’ in French, means ‘marsh’, as this area used to be marshlands many, many years ago. It is also known as the Jewish Quarter, as the city’s Jewish population was ‘moved’ here during WWII.

All I can say is, it has some very beautiful buildings, and pretty little streets with hidden gardens. We were entertained by a jazz band on one corner, and just a few streets away, there was a woman singing opera…this is why I love this city so much!

It was a lovely way to spend a Sunday in Paris!

These are music scrolls made from chocolate!
One of the many Christmas trees in Paris!
An old 2CV – just love them!
A beautiful building…

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