Catch Up…Sorry!

Our delicious dessert – Bûche de Nöel
Our tiny Christmas tree…
Three little chickens on Christmas morning!
A and E opening pressies…


So, I have been more than a little slack, and I apologise for that! So much has been happening, and I have just neglected the blog.

First and foremost, the Big Man arrived, and I’m not talking about the one that wears a red suit and drives a sleigh pulled by reindeer…I mean the Big Man that makes us the Young Family! Although, the other man (in the red suit) did come later that same night. So, we have had a lovely, quiet Christmas, we woke up early (a little too early for some!) on Christmas morning to discover that Santa had indeed found us (another reason small people should behave – he really is watching ALL THE TIME!), and he was nice enough to leave presents.

We ate a lovely lunch in the apartment (cooked by moi) and spent the day quietly playing and relaxing. I have added some photos so you can admire our little Christmas.


3 thoughts on “Catch Up…Sorry!

  1. Hi there guys yes you have been slack but totally understand it looks like you are having a great time. Tell my three grand babies I miss them and K I think they woke you up you look tired. Have you been shopping K, E and A ,and spent your Christmas money?
    Is that gingerbread your desert? Take care and just enjoy like I know you don’t need to be told. Love and hugs Mum, Nana and Nan Nan.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  2. Thank you A for your postcard. Erin was very excited to get it last week (Wednesday). Looks like you are all having a great time. Erin & Ella miss you too!


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