Playgrounds, Parks and Aire de jeux

Well, the past few days have been spent occupying the small-fry, by visiting lots of parks and playgrounds, or, as they are called in French, aire de jeux.

Our first stop was at the Luxembourg Gardens, where there is a wonderful playground, with a small entrance fee, but it is well worth the €2.50! You can stay all day if you want, there are water fountains if you’re thirsty, and a small store to purchase snacks and drinks, including coffee for the adults, there are also toilets available, a rarity in Paris! The kids ran around like crazy, wild animals for a couple of hours, all fenced-in and safe, while K and I kept tabs on their whereabouts. They had a great time!

The next day, we went to WH Smith, an English-bookstore, on rue de Rivoli, then when we were done there, we slipped across the street to the Tuileries Gardens, where the small people once again ran around like crazy things, and and I tore a day-old baguette to pieces and fed the pigeons. We ran into a British family that had been the Luxembourg Gardens the day before, I’m sure they think we’re stalking them! I was talking to them the previous day, and it turns out they are emigrating to Australia mid-next-year! How’s that for co-incidental?

Which brings us to today. We went looking for a flat-sheet, because they don’t have them on the beds here, and K and I are finding it is too hot at night, but, it seems, they don’t sell them! So, we went to play with the cute puppies in the pet store, and then on our way back to the apartment, decided to check and see if the huge playground in Les Halles was open. It was just opening as we rounded the corner, which was lucky, because they only let a certain amount of children in at one time. This playground is supervised by employees, who organise games and such, and the parents are not allowed in! Take yourself off for an hour and have a coffee! Come back to pick the kids up when the time is up! Hello! Yes! And this park is free! The kids had a great time, even though E was hit in the face while playing a game of dodgeball, poor thing! They both want to go back again. So, all in all, we’ve had a very busy few days of fun and games! Oh, and while the littles were in the playground, K and I sat quietly together and watched the people go by, and listened to the bells on the Saint-Eustache Church.


7 thoughts on “Playgrounds, Parks and Aire de jeux

    1. I can’t wait for you to join us either! And, yes, Miss A did remember her ‘friend’, she could not stop talking about him before we got there, and then ran to it, gave him a hug, jumped on and rode it like the clappers until she hit the back of her head on it’s tail! She kissed it goodbye when we left!


  1. Im getting excited now to recognize where you guys are. Luxembourg gardens just down the road from us. Quin said London is a bit warmer this week they had 14degrees. In one week i will be there. Any snow for you guys yet? Sharon

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    1. Hi! No, no sign of snow here, it’s not cold enough. Have you packed yet? Rob is arriving in four days, I can’t wait! We are looking forward to seeing you! Hope you have a safe flight! Take care.


  2. It sounds like the kids are having an awesome time and the big girls are also enjoying there stay. I have a flat sheet here you can borrow it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I have to go to the shops not that I want to through its 10am and I wanted to get to the shops and back before this so that’s not going to happen. Anyway keep having a great time Rob will be there in a few days so have a great time. Mum, Nana xxxxx


  3. Hello Young Family. It looks like your having an amazing holiday. Mia would like to thank Miss A for her post card that she received today. She is very excited. She can’t wait till to see her for the start of school.


    1. Miss A is very happy that Mia received her postcard. We were just wondering if everyone had received them yet. We are having a great time, very busy, we are heading to Disneyland tomorrow, for two days!


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